Working With What Is

Using What You Have And Making It Sing!

Using her expertise in organizing and repurposing precious household items, Janet Rachael Friedman of JRF Interiors will help you make better use of your space. Working With What Is enables clients to hire Friedman to spend a day at their home editing, rearranging, rehanging and repurposing what they already own. After a day with Friedman, the only money you will have spent is her fee, which is $1,200.

The bonus of working with Friedman is that she has been designing for an array of clients throughout the Chicago area for more than 20 years. By the time she leaves your home, you will have a totally new look and feel. Expect to work alongside her with direct input throughout the process. Who knows, that ugly vase that you were going to regift might be on display in your hallway before she leaves the front door!